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No. 41: Guo Lijuan: Child fun

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Price: $10.71 USD

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This video features Guo Lijuan who has 2 meters long thick hair. This time she dressed in Chinese traditional red, it means happy in festival. She came to a small park with her little daughter, play game with her lovely child. They touch the leaves on tree, smell potpourri near flower, ran after butterfly. Her daughter helped comb her mother's long hair, put flower on her mother's hair, held long hair and walked behind her mother, she even steped on her mother's long hair. :) Very cute and lovely little girl, hope she can grow beautiful long hair like her mother's in the future. You may also see Guo Lijuan comb and show her longhair in pavilion, walked carefully on stakes on a pool, her hair nearly droped into the water! And she walked on a slim railing finally, just like a long hair fairy on balance beam in gymnastics. Enjoy please!

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