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Xia Aifeng

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1. No. 7: Xia Aifeng: huge bun, exciting braid

2. No. 35: Xia Aifeng: 2 years later-outdoor

3. No. 39: Xia Aifeng: fishing

4. No. 46: Xia Aifeng: indoor show


1. Xia Aifeng has 3.4 meters long hair


1. Xia Aifeng's undo and updo

2. 3 ladies together

3. Xia Aifeng and the Bird Nest stadium

4. Xia Aifeng's new photos in 2011 spring

5. Xia Aifeng's new photos in 2011 summer

6. Xia Aifeng travelled in Women's Day

7. New photos of Xia Aifeng in 2012 July

8. New photos of Xia Aifeng in 2012 Oct

9. Xia Aifeng in 2013 long hair festival

10. Xia Aifeng's new photos in November,2013

11. Xia Aifeng's huge bun in cole flowers

12. Xia Aifeng took new long hair photos yesterday

13. Xia Aifeng has 3.16 meters long hair now!

14. Xia Aifeng travelled with huge bun in September 5th, 2015


1. video: Xia Aifeng took artistic photos

2. Xia Aifeng travelled in Lijiang, Yunnan province

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