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Xia Kuanlei

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1. Xia Kuanlei's beautiful super long hair

2. Xia Kuanlei show her long hair after one year

3. Xia Kuanlei show her long hair after one year-2

4. Xia Kuanlei show her long hair after one year-3

5. Xia Kuanlei took new photos at home in weekend

6. Xia Kuanlei participated in long hair contest in Ningbo

7. Xia Kuanlei made braid into bun

8. Xia Kuanlei made braid bun in model show

9. Xia Kuanlei looks like a long hair fairy

10. Xia Kuanlei's 2.4 meters long hair photo for 2014 new year

11. Xia Kuanlei show her super long hair in 2014

12. Xia Kuanlei grows her long hair to 2.6 meters now

13. New long hair photos of Xia Kuanlei in Jan, 2015

14. Some previous photos of Xia Kuanlei


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