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Shen Shuxiang

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1. No. 15: Shen Shuxiang: kind heart

2. No. 36: Shen Shuxiang: Woman flower

3. No. 42: Shen Shuxiang: One big bun, two long braids, many hairstyles



1. Shen Shuxiang with white skirt

2. Shen Shuxiang's new photos of long braid

3. Shen Shuxiang dressed in Chinese traditional cloth

4. New photos of Shen Shuxiang in 2012 April

5. New photos of Shen Shuxiang for 2012 Mother's day

6. Shen Shuxiang's long hair photos for 2013 Chinese New Year

7. Happy birthday to Miss Shen Shuxiang

8. Shen Shuxiang comb her super long hair near brook

9. Happy birthday to Miss Shen Shuxiang-2015


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