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1. Her hair grows longer and longer

2. New bun style photos

3. nangongxunyi's floor length long hair

4. nangongxunyi worked on her cross-stitch

5. nangongxunyi made her long hair to braid

6. nangongxunyi comb her long hair in park

7. Long hair lady in rain

8. nangongxunyi's first photo in 2012

9. nangongxunyi made long hair to bun

10. nangongxunyi travelled in Anhui province

11. New photos of nangongxunyi in 2012 November

12. nangongxunyi made long hair to bun

13. nangongxunyi shew her floor length long hair in 2013

14. nangongxunyi travelled in May, 2014

15. nangongxunyi shew her recent long hair photos


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